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Caroline Stokesberry-Lee Jewellery Design

Primitive Spiral Earrings

Primitive Spiral Earrings

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Spirals are one of the oldest geometric shapes in ancient artwork dating back at least to the Neolithic period--thousands of years before writing.  The Spiral represents the cycle of life, it is an age-old symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe.  

Caroline was inspired by the ancient symbols of Ireland, and wanted to create a range of earrings based on her love of these symbols.  The Primitive Spiral Earrings are inspired in part by Caroline's many visitations to ancient Irish neolithic sites, in particular New Grange.  Some of the most famous ancient spirals are at Newgrange in Ireland. Newgrange is a large mound constructed by humans with stone and earth. It was at least partially used as a tomb, but it may have had other purposes as well.

The Spiral Earrings Caroline has created are sterling silver, oxidised to bring out details. They have been given a slight worn effect.  Ancient Spirals, re-invented to give you edgy modern earrings you can wear alone, or along with other earrings in the Primitive Range. 

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