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Caroline Stokesberry-Lee Jewellery Design

Mermaid Tears Hoop Earrings in Raw Aquamarine

Mermaid Tears Hoop Earrings in Raw Aquamarine

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Mermaid's Tears Hoops are handcrafted from sterling silver wire, threaded through stunning Raw Aquamarine Gemstones.  They hang from sterling silver ear wires.  Each and every pair of Mermaid Tears Hoops are one of a kind!  Each Hoop measures approx 2cm diameter.

The Legend of Mermaid Tears

One stormy night, a schooner struggled in a storm off the coast of Cape Cod, and it was in danger of being lost to the sea. A mermaid who was in love with a sailor on board swam alongside. Just as the ship was about to go down, she used her power to calm the wind and quiet the ocean waves. She saved his life, but Neptune punished the weeping mermaid and banished her to the depths of the ocean, from which she was unable to surface ever again. Her tears are known as Mermaid’s tears and wash ashore to her beloved Sailor as delicate iridescent pearls.

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