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Caroline Stokesberry-Lee Jewellery Design

Amethyst Planetary Ring

Amethyst Planetary Ring

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Embrace the majesty of the cosmos with the Planetary Ring, a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the grandeur of our solar system. This ring features a unique design with a central gemstone representing a planet, surrounded by intricate details mimicking celestial orbits.

Meaning and Background: The term "Planetary" refers to the celestial bodies orbiting our sun, each with its own unique characteristics and symbolism. In astrology and mythology, planets are often associated with specific energies and influences, shaping the destinies and personalities of individuals. The Planetary Ring symbolizes this cosmic dance, embodying the interconnectedness and balance of the universe.

The design of the Planetary Ring is inspired by ancient beliefs and modern science, reflecting the harmony and order of the solar system. Each element of the ring is thoughtfully designed to represent the beauty and mystery of the planets, serving as a reminder of our place in the cosmos and the greater forces at play.


  • Central Gemstone: Represents a planet, available in various stones 
  • Intricate Detailing: Surrounding celestial orbits crafted with precision to evoke the beauty of space.
  • Symbolism: Embodies the energies and influences of the planets, representing balance and harmony.

Ring Band is 1.5mm thick.  Every gemstone is 4mm round faceted. 

This ring is made to order, unless in stock in your size. For made to order pieces, allow 3 weeks for delivery.   


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