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Growing up on the North Coast of Ireland, Caroline was deeply inspired by the raw rugged coastlines, and the mythical undertones of the Irish countryside, which surrounded her.  Her jewellery resonates a deep appreciation of the poetic beauty found in everyday life.  Raw and uncut gemstones are often used in her work to emulate this, and her appreciation of the delicacy and beauty found in the imperfection of the natural world.

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Primitive Mini Rock Earrings

Primitive Earrings

The Primitive Earrings Range is inspired in part by Caroline's many visitations to ancient Irish neolithic sites, in particular New Grange.  Some of the most famous ancient spirals are at Newgrange in Ireland. Newgrange is a large mound constructed by humans with stone and earth. It was at least partially used as a tomb, but it may have had other purposes as well.

Each set of earrings are re-invented representations of ancient symbols, talismans and neolithic sites. The Primitive range invites us to step back in time, to a world of mysticism and spiritual reflection. Each piece is hand crafted with those free spirited bohemian souls in mind!

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Intuitively created artisan jewellery, weaving Irish Mythology and Legend with Nature, Wisdom and Magic

As seen on Irish Celebrity Laura Whitmore