Handcrafted Irish Jewellery

Growing up on the North Coast of Ireland, Caroline was deeply inspired by the raw rugged coastlines, and the mythical undertones of the Irish countryside, which surrounded her.  Her jewellery resonates a deep appreciation of the poetic beauty found in everyday life.  Raw and uncut gemstones are often used in her work to emulate this, and her appreciation of the delicacy and beauty found in the imperfection of the natural world.

One of a Kind Jewelry

Inspired by the Natural World

Introducing Mermaid Rings!

Mermaid Rings are inspired by Irish myth & legend, and the hauntingly beautiful beaches found on the North Coast of Ireland. The selkie is the Irish take on a mermaid.  They are also known as seal people, the sea people or the mermaid – a selkie is a marine legend that tells of people who are half fish, and half-human. In the water, they are seals, but on land, they shed their skin and take on human form. 

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Intuitively created artisan jewellery, weaving Irish Mythology and Legend with Nature, Wisdom and Magic