About the Jewellery Artist

Founder & Designer Maker, Caroline Stokesberry-Lee

Caroline Stokesberry-Lee is an Irish jewellery designer, working from her studio in Belfast.  She trained at the University of Ulster, and Waylands Forge Silversmiths and Jewellery School in Dublin.  

Caroline initially completed a degree at the University of Ulster, and holds a BSc Hons Social Policy & Psychology.  Whilst she toyed with the idea of furthering her interests in psychology and sociology, Caroline always found herself going back to her creative pursuits, of poetry, writing, and art.  Caroline has always had a love for the arts, and a deeply ingrained passion for all things creative.  She has written poetry, and dabbled in oil painting and drawing, however, it was in working with her hands to create beautiful pieces of one of a kind jewellery that Caroline truly found her calling.        


Growing up on the North Coast of Ireland, she was deeply inspired by the raw rugged coastlines, and the mythical undertones of the Irish countryside, which surrounded her.  Her jewellery resonates a deep appreciation of the poetic beauty found in everyday life.  Raw and uncut gemstones are often used in her work to emulate this, and her appreciation of the delicacy and beauty found in the imperfection of the natural world.  

Caroline's jewellery is sold in galleries and shops throughout the UK and Ireland.  Her work is also sold globally online where she is represented by some of the world's leading and most prestigious high end fashion boutiques.  For further information please click on stockists.  

Caroline is listed on the Craft NI directory of designer makers, and is a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, and ACID (Anti-Copying in Design Ltd) www.acid.uk.com  Caroline Stokesberry-Lee is proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copyright in Design). All Caroline Stokesberry-Lee's designs are supported by ACID through their Copyright & Design Databank and ACID Marketplace.



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